oct 1st, 2021: „landmade“ has invited Demming&Rieken to their village Strodehne (Brandenburg) to interact as „Kinematographic village guerilla“ … /// „landmade“ hat Demming&Rieken eingeladen ins Dorf Strodehne (Brandenburg), wo in kollektiver Kunst-Produktion ein gemeinsames Werk mit hohem Symbolwert geschaffen wird. Bereits am Vorabend (1. Oktober) wird das Künstlerduo Demming&Rieken das Dorf als „Kinematografische Dorfguerilla“ mit themenbezogenen Openair-Projektionen im Dorfraum auf das Seildreh-Event einstimmen. Am Abend des 2. Oktober wird die Projektion wiederholt.

studio for cultural affairs: adventures in contemporary art and music in public space (2020-21), on view:

H T R – home travel remember: rethinking travelling (2021); 3rd&4th stop: Münster & Borken


Crystal Ball Buchsalon
SALIGIA in Museum Abtei Liesborn 10. April bis 20. Juni 2021

Gesammeltes #3: Chipstüten (17.11.–1.12.2019)

october through december 2019:

GESAMMELTES # 1-3“ („Collected #1-3“) In collaboration with my artistic partner of Kunsthalle Weseke (KHW), Michael Rieken, we are using the private collection of things of chosen people to make a spatial light and sound installation at KHW

ONGOING (until 2020):

SaligiaPRIDE“ – Kloster Bentlage, Rheine

„Saligia-PRIDE“, trailer, wood, 50 fibre optic cables, iron handle, 5 spy holes, coated in black matte and partially glossy, 2019



„regi-O-pera“, a dutch-german cross-border collaboration, has been shown in KHW and at LWL-Industriemuseum TextilWerk, Bocholt in late march 2019.

So 24.3., 17 Uhr: PREMIERE von „regi-O-pera“ (Heimat)


Gruppenbild – 25 Jahre Klasse Guiton, Kulturkirche St. Stephani in Bremen
– 13.01.2019

„Woman on the floor“ (2018) -> original version (in public space)


nov 10, 2018: POP-UP-PLANTS (WT, performance), within a kitchen debate with/by KVM, Frac Grand Large, Dunkerque (F)


Ich-Orgel„, a reactive-generative light- and soundorgan (installation) in collaboration with Michael Rieken will be shown for the first time at the exhibition  „Zeig Dich“, DEKT Berlin, Zwingli-Kirche, may 25-27th 2017)


A Workshop on spactial practises at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art on invitation of the 2017 graduating MFA class (april 20/21st  2017)

POP-UP-CORN, an Installative performance at „In-Lab: FGFG A Kitchen Debate“, Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht (NL) on invitation by Jessica Segall (march 16th, 2017)



The „Marzahn Opera“ will be open from sept 11th until october 28th at Galerie M in the very center of Berlin-Marzahn at the eastern edge of Berlin…


Ein wilder Apfelbaum will ich werden“ – „I want to become a wild apple tree“, is the titel of a cooperation exhibit with Daniela Schlüter at the Rijksmuseum Twente in Enschede in the framework of Printlab SNAP3.


LUURN BI DE BUERN a project by Daniela Schlüter and Stefan Demming on ‚contemporary agriculture‘ is presented at Kloster Bentlage from march 15 th to april 26th. Participating artists are: Matt Arrigo, Rudi Bastiaans, Willem Boom, Marion Bouwhuis, Josh Chircop, Stefan Demming, Wapke Feenstra, Hörner/Antlfinger, Erik Kok, Petra Spielhagen, Gintare Skroblyte, Daniela Schlüter, Marc Westermann, Anna Zibler


The HOST, a performance by Andros Zins-Browne with an inflatable set design by Stefan Demming will be presented in HAU, Berlin on april 25th and 26th 2015.



a residence in Judenburg, Austria, to prepare the first LIVE-SHOW with residents of the town in the framework of THE SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH 2 will be presented from may 16th – 25th 2014



PLANTAGE – PLANTATION – a series of inflatable sculptures in public space was chosen for the residency KunstKommunikation at DA Kunsthaus Kloster Gravenhorst (realized in 2013; VIDEOS: Plantation#3, Plantation#2 as an installation & performance: ,1 / 2 / 3 )



ELÉG is presented at dc3 art projects (Edmonton, Canada)

Selcted Stills of ELÉG build the base for an edition of prints called FRAGMENTS OF A HUNGARIAN RHAPSODY


ELÉG – a hungarian rhapsody
HD VIDEO transfered to Blu-ray, 8’17“, colour, stereo, 2012
language: hungarian with german / english subtitles …. more …



SPACESPACE: VIDEO documentation now online!